How to make doll shoes

How to make doll shoes

I made two patterns for dolls shoes recently. And now I can start to make a loafers first.


I transferred my loafer’s pattern to a piece of leather.

I marked all future stitches, eyelet holes. I was about to sew the loafers on my sewing machine first but then I thought that leather is thick and it’s better to sew the loafers by hand.

Then I made the holes for the future stitches using my needle for leather. It would help later in sewing.

Next I made decorative stitches.

All decorative stitches finished.

After that I started to sew loafer’s top detail and side detail together.

Take a note that the stitch gave zig-zag view on the right side of the loafers and double stitch on the wrong side.

I finished sewing.

Next I made eyelets.

As I said before my leather was too thick for doll’s shoes. And I thought that it would be hard to make a tidy toecap. So I decides to remove thickness of the leather using knife. It was realy dirty work :)

But then I guessed to use sand paper and my work went faster.

I glued leather soles to a thin cardboard and cut them off. Also I glued back side of the shoes. Because I made leather thinner I’ve got very tidy back seam.

Next I put the shoes’ details into the water because I read before that the water makes leather softer. After that I put the soles to the shoe pads and wrapped them together with gling wrap to prevent pads from damage and soaking. Then I put the shoes’ details on the wrapped pads and began to pull the seam allowances using a needle with a thread. Then I left this construction to dry.

When leather dried I removed the thread and…

… cut off seam allowances to make the future shoes’ bottom more tidy and flat.

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures on the next steps. I removed pads from the dried shoes details, unwrapped them, them I glued the inner soles to the shoes details. Next I cut out two bottom soles from a foam and glued them to the shoes. Then I decided to weave a cord braid to decorate shoes and hide place of gluing. After that I slipped the cord in eyelets and voila – moccasins are ready.

I do like the result so I cut out three pairs of shoes extra :)

How to make doll shoes in one picture (click to enlarge):

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