How to make a shoe pattern for BJD

How to make shoe pattern


I’m going to sew moccasins and loafers for my Kaye Wigs MSD dolls. So I need patterns for the shoes at least.

Making a shoe pattern

I collect all materials I need for making the shoe patterns. There are a cling wrap, scissors, a masking tape and surely shoe pads.

I cut off a narrow piece of the cling wrap and wrap it around the shoe pad. I do this to prevent a mud on the pads, because I’m going to use them not only once :)

Then I cut off small pieces of the masking tape and glue them to the wrapped pads.

I’e already made a search of moccasins and loafers images on Internet, so I just draw modelling lines on the wrapped pads using these images as a reference.

Then I cut the masking tape by lines, flatten the masking tape and, because the masking tape still has glue, I glue the masking tape detail to a piece of heavy weight paper and trace the shoe pattern.

After that I remove masking tape detail and draw all decorative stitches on the shoe pattern, all holes for eyelets and all holes for a needle. Because I’m going to sew moccasins and loafers from thick leather by hand, I do not need seam allowances. Don’t forget about seam allowances if you need them.

How to make a shoe pattern in one picture (click to enlarge):

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