Doll mannequin

Mannequin for doll clothes

I’ve decided to sew a few outfits for my Iplehouse Jessica. This means that I would have to use my doll every time I want to try clothes on her. But, firstly, Jessica is big and quite heavy and it is not very convenient for me to use her. Secondly, I afraid of making scratches on her body with pins. What to do in this situation? I’ve decided that I need a doll mannequin!

I have done an extensive research about dressmakers mannequins. I know the technology with duck tape and polyurethane foam because a friend of mine used this technology for her own foam mannequin around 6-7 years ago. But I don’t know where to buy polyurethane foam in a country where I live now. I found only some silicon hermetic but in this case doll dress form would be like a jelly and it’s not suitable for sewing. Also, floating measurements in mm are not fatal for people but may be fatal for dolls especially if I sew corsets.

Ok, so I decided to make the doll mannequin using the papier mache technology.

Making mannequin front part.

First of all, I protected Jessica’s body with cling wrap, then put tape on future seams and marked them. This was really pointless (to mark seams – not to protect the doll!) as I’ realized later.

Then I mixed white glue and water in 1:1 proportion. I used a newspaper for first layer. I tore small pieces of newspaper, dunk them into water and glue mix and then glued to Jessica’s body (as you remember it was protected by cling wrap).

I let the newspaper layer dry. Then I used toilet paper for the second layer. I tore pieces from toilet paper and separated toilet paper layers. So I got very thin pieces of paper.

I made 8 layers of paper and I think this is enough for a doll mannequin. Because it takes time for layers to dry, it took more than a week to make all 8 layers!

Then I took this billet off. I didn’t bother about the edges because I knew I would cut them off. As you can see I drew future side seam on the billet.

Making dress form back.

What did I do next? Just repeated all steps on Jessica’s back :)

Assembling the dressmakers mannequin.

When I got two billets, one from the front and another one from the back, I cut off the edges and glued both billets together on shoulder and side seams.

Then I drew the waist, the hip and the neck lines and cut the edges off again. I cut out the armholes as well.

After that I cut two circles from a cardboard – to fit the bottom of the mannequin and the neck hole.

I glued the bottom and the neck circles to their places. Now my mannequin looked more tidy. Next I was going to glue it on a candlestick so I really needed the bottom for the mannequin. :)

Ok, here it is.

I can use my doll mannequin now. But, firstly, I’m about to sew a cover from calico and, secondly, glue it to a candlestick.

2 thoughts on “Mannequin for doll clothes

  • A great idea to make the mannequin like this because yes, those SD sized dolls are heavy and cumbersome to carry about. I never thought to use papermache although I have done the clingfilm and masking tape method to make patterns.
    I look forward to seeing you mannequin finished!

    • Thank you Sharon for your wishes! I’ve already bought a candlestick and also hope to finish my mannequin soon.

      I afraid to use the doll body for masking tape method because I’m worry about scratches. Also I haven’t find good quality masking tape :)

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