Badgley Mischka’s Fall 2015 RTW dress

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I took participation in a game where I had to sew one Haute Couture outfit.

I chose Badgley Mischka’s corset dress with bead embroidery, a mermaid silhouette skirt and draperies from Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection. First of all I was interested to recreate the skirt. In the second, I was like to try the Luneville bead embroidery.


Fabric and beads

Here is everything I bought for the dress:


Luneville embroidery

I’ve found and watched a lot of tutorials about how to make a tambour embroidery, but it seems that it’s harder in the real life than in the tutorials 🙂


But I bravely strung the beads on a transparent thread and started an embroidery.


I’ve started the embroidery from the corset and made it until I have to stop to sew the corset first. After that I may continue the corset embroidery.


Side drapes

After the corset I started the embroidery on the side drapes. I had to make the embroidery on both sides of the drape and repeat the embroidery twice because the dress has two side drapes.


Top drapes

I’ve started from the left drape.

Left top drape
Left top drape
Right top drape

Before I started to embroider the top drapes I bought 2 bead packs extra. When I started to embroider the right top drape I faced that my transparent thread I used for embroidery was running out! I found a fishing thread, thin as the transparent thread. So I decided to try it first and, fortunately, I liked the result. Then I continued the embroidery with the fishing thread.

When my embroideries were done,I started sewing.

Sewing process

The drape’s edges on the original dress look untreated, so I decided to use a zig-zag to finish the drapes’ edges.


Then I cut out the dress skirt details, sewed back and side seams.


After that I attached the back drape to the lower back skirt part and sewed both back parts together.

Next, I folded the side drapes and basted them to the skirt’s side details.



Next step is to sew the skirt front detail with the side details.

Then I sewed the back skirt detail and basted the top drapes, and the skirt was finished.

Then I sewed the corset, finished the embroidery on it and sewed the corset and the skirt together.


Final result

Here is my finished dress:


I’m so glad that, it seems, I guessed how the dress’s skirt was cut out and then sewed. I made the Luneville embroidery first time, but I like the result. I’m looking forward to find one more dress for inspiration to repeat Luneville embroidery again. And, of course, I had a lot of pleasure playing this game.

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