DIY doll clothes hanger

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I’ve finished a new collection for my American Girl dolls. During the photo-shoot I faced that I need a doll clothes hanger to show the dresses’ front and back. Sure, I made the first step and ordered wooden hangers from eBay. But estimated delivery is at the end of August.

What to do if I need hangers immediately? Of course, make them myself!

I drew a hanger pattern, cut it out, traced it to a thin cardboard and also to a corrugated cardboard.

Tracing clothes hanger template to cardboard

Then I cut all cardboard details out and made a small gap on the details from the corrugated cardboard.

Cut out clothes hanger details. Make a gap on two details.

After that I glued two details from the corrugated cardboard.

Glue clothes hanger details together

Next I glued the details from the thin cardboard on both sides of detail I got on the previous step.

DIY American Girl doll clothes hangers

And finally I glued a wall hook into the gap on the hanger.

Glue a wall hook into the gap on the hanger.

I decided to use decoupage to embellish my hanger. I printed out a seamless pattern on an ordinary printer paper and glued it on the hanger.

Finished and embellished doll clothes hanger

If you also faced that you need hangers for dolls you may download the American Girl doll clothes hangers template for free.

2 thoughts on “DIY doll clothes hanger

  • That’s a great idea and much better than having to wait for them from Ebay, plus they are very pretty with the decoupage paper on them.

    • Thank you, Sharon!

      I’ve already got the wooden hangers I bought on eBay, and have to say that mine is not bad. And even better because of decoupage. I think how to improve the wooden hangers right now 🙂 They are required sanding at least.

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