DoA: Round 20 “Seasonal”

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I’ve joined in to a new game on DoA. The point of the game is to complete one full outfit in a month.

As the name of the game indicates, I need to sew the outfit for the season. Since I live in a region with an eternal summer, I will sew a summer outfit. I decided to sew the outfits inspired by 1950s for both my Iplehouse BJD: Jessica with a large breast and Soo with a small breast.




I bought fabric with small rose bouquets for Jessica’s V-neck dress. As Jessica has the largest breasts, V-neck dress will optically reduce it. I also bought lilac polka dot fabric for Soo’s dress with gathers on its corset. Since Soo has small breasts, the ruffles on the corset, on the contrary, will increase it slightly. As both dresses inspired by 50’s, I’ll sew cotton petticoats with tulle ruffles.


I found a book with pattern construction that was issued in 1959. As I thought that the patterns from this book are suitable for 50s fashion underwear I made a panties’ pattern and sewed them.

Attempt number 1

Front view
Back view

I liked the panties front view, but I didn’t like the back view. So, I decided to make another pattern and sew new panties.

Attempt number 2

Front view
Back view

I liked these panties more, but…

Attempt number 3


I decided that the second panties are too tight for the doll and I wanted to make them a bit loose. I just added 3 mm at each seam, but this gave 1,2 cm in total. Thus the new panties are too loose for the body now. I also made top-stitching on the panties, but it is not visible on the fabric.

Attempt number 4

Because the top-stitching is not visible on the fabric, I didn’t make it on the new panties. After all the torments with the panties I finally got perfect panties for Iplehouse EID body!

After all my experiments with panties for Iplehouse EID, I easily made perfect panties for Iplehouse SID body as well, using the same patterns book.



I decided that the petticoat would have 3 frills below the hips. I did a mistake and the last frill turned out to be more than 3 meters long!

When I sewed a waistband to the petticoat, it didn’t perfectly fit to the doll. I thought it would be better I’d used a facing instead of the waistband. Of course, I understand that the petticoat will be invisible under the dress but I prefer perfectly sewn clothes, so I’ll better sew one more petticoat.


Here is the second sewn petticoat with the facing and a tulle ruffle (which is 7.5 m long!). I used a hemstitch needle to make openwork embroidery along the seams. I think, this petticoat is much better than previous one.

V-neck dress mock-up (for Jessica)

The first bodice mockup showed that I forgot to reduce V-neck line. I think, all, who sews, knows that this line needs to be reduced, since it is cut on a bias, and therefore stretches. I also thought that after amending the bodice will look great, but…

The 2nd mock-up was so awful that I even didn’t take pictures of it.

Next, I decided to make a new pattern from the scratch and sewed the 3rd mock-up to check the new pattern. The mNext, I decided to make a new pattern from the scratch and sewed the 3rd mock-up to check the new pattern. The main problem in making patterns for Iplehouse Jessica is that my doll has really huge bust 🙂 It’s not easy to make the dress perfectly fit the chest for her. But again, I had the same problem with V-neck – it was too large, and I had to reduce it again.

1st mock up
3rd mock up
3rd mock up close up

Finished dresses

As I was so tired with all mock-ups, I decided to risk and after 3rd mock-up to sew the dress itself. It was paid off, the dress turned out to be wonderful!

Finished dress for Iplehouse EID Jessica

Finished dress
Front view
Back view

Finished dress for Iplehouse SID Soo

Finished dress
Front view

Final photoshoot for the round 20 “Seasonal” on DoA.

Here are photos I took for the game final photoshoot.


I think, Jessica looks feminine and gentle in this outfit, doesn’t she?

While Soo waited for the final photoshoot, I re-strung her, gave her a new makeup and bought her a new wig 🙂


About the dress concern, I think, I chose the cotton too dense for the gathers on the corset. And made wrong choice doing a decorative stitch along the corset edge. But I do like the petticoat with tulle ruffles. Probably, I’ll sew a new dress for Soo taking into account the mistakes with the fabric choice.

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