DoA: Project Runway “Welcome to Camelot”

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I’ve joined a new game on DoA “Welcome to Camelot”. By the rules I had to create a personality from the Medieval era and to sew one full medieval outfit representing this personality.

I chose the end of 13th century for my character, so I had to sew a cotta, a surcoat and a cloak. I decided to use violet-magenta color scheme for the clothes, even if this scheme was less common at that time.


I didn’t make a historical reconstruction but I was pleased to sew the cotta as it was usually sewn in 13th century – by hand 🙂

I made front and side gores on the cotta to flare the silhouette.

Front gore
Side gore

I also made 5 buttonholes on each sleeve by hand. This trick narrowed the sleeves.

The photo also shows that the cotta has a white lining to prevent stains on the doll.


I wove a macrame belt. The belt will be used to hang small bags and purses, and a knife as well.

I saw on an old picture how medieval peasants folded their skirts near a hem and then pinned the hem. Thus they got something like pockets. So, I decided to sew pockets on the cotta. This is not historically accurate, but I didn’t have such a task.


My Iplehouse EID Jessica in the finished cotta.


Embroidery on surcoat

Because the character I chose is not an ordinary medieval peasant, her outfit had to be more elegant. So I decided to embroider her surcoat.

Finished surcoat hem with embroidery

The surcoat was sewn by hand and has a white lining as the cotta has. A cord woven from sewing threads and threaded through the handmade eyelets is used to fit the surcoat.


I bought wonderful mushroom buttons in a bronze color for the cotta but had forgotten that buttonholes for mushroom buttons need extra length 🙁 Thus, I had to use bronze beads instead of those buttons. It turned out that the beads look wonderful and work great!


The cloak pattern is very simple. It’s a half circle with a hole for a neck at the center. I used bronze color nice buttons and a cord as the cloak fastener.


In Medieval era woman could not go anywhere without her head covered. She had to wear a wimple – a medieval form of female headdress, formed of a large piece of cloth worn around the neck and chin, and covering the top of the head. I sewed the wimple for my personality as well, but because it’s very simple, I didn’t take a photo.

I sewed and made other accessories such as a knife or a purse as well, they will be shown in the final photo.

Final photoshoot

According to my idea, my character is a thief. That is why, she cannot be dressed like an ordinary peasant woman. Expensive-looking clothes, in my opinion, will help her to deceive any guards with her respectable appearance. And this is a reason, she needs hidden pockets in her clothes.

At the photo session below, I took photos of the moment when my character escapes into the forest after she stole a small money bag.

Cloak fastening
Stolen money bag
The wimple
A purse
A knife

Do you think my idea succeeded?

5 thoughts on “DoA: Project Runway “Welcome to Camelot”

  • Просто потрясающе!! Умопомрачительный наряд. Я в восторге от всех деталей. Не могу поверить, что у тебя на его создание ушло так мало времени (месяц?). Шедевр! А где фотографировала? 😉

    • Спасибо! На создание ушло недели две, ведь неделю меня не было, и еще руку в порядок приводила – пришлось терпеть и не шить.

      Фотографировала в парке у дома. Есть там места, которые за лес можно принять 🙂 И народу немного гуляет. Хотя зрителей мы собрали при фотографировании. Я, как обычно, зрителей засекла позже.

      • Хороший у вас там парк, однако!! Даже не тропический совсем! Класс. А выкройки у тебя остались? 😉 У меня Карина неодетая стоит…

        • Ага, в нашем парке глаз отдыхает от тропиков 🙂 Мне еще нравиться на Pulau Ubin ездить, там местечко есть с лиственницей. Какой там запах!

          Расчеты выбросила 🙁 Котта сшита из двух полотнищ (было ограничение по длине полотна), ширина полотнища 20 см, разрез под клин – 48 см, длина полотнища вроде 65 см (могу ошибаться, не помню). Все кроила сразу на ткани. Рукава такой же ширины, 20см, длину не помню. Клинья высотой 49 см, ширина боковых клиньев (их 4-ре) – 4 см (прямоугольный треугольник), ширина переднего и заднего клина – 8 см (соответственно, равносторонние треугольники).

          Выкройку сюрко делала из газеты, она пока лежит.

          • Отлично! Вернусь домой, все аккуратно себе запишу! На Пулау Убин я, видимо, никогда не попаду! 🙂

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