How to sew Fedora for doll

Fedora hat for Kaye Wiggs MSD

I’ve already sewn a hat and shown the process step by step. So I didn’t take pictures on every step but I captured just basic moments of the sewing process.

I cut off hat details from interfacing and glued them with iron to a piece of fabric, then cut them out with seam allowances.

I sewed two brim’s parts together and front and back sides of a crown.

I cut out another brim’s details from the fabric and sewed them together. So I’d got two brim details: one with interfacing, another one – without.

Next step was to sew upper and lower brim’s parts.

I sewed brim’s parts, cut off seam allowances and made notches.

Then I sewed a hat top and the crown using notches.

I attached the brim to the crown also using notches.

I decided to hide inner seam with a ribbon.

You can evaluate how the hat looks on this picture.

I thought a little and next day attached dark blue ribbon to the hat and made a small bow. The hat looks more stylish for my opinion now.

P.S. You can download the pattern on “Doll patterns” page: “Fedora hat pattern for Kaye Wiggs MSD dolls

2 thoughts on “Fedora hat for Kaye Wiggs MSD

    • Hi, Marie!

      I’m so pleased that you love this hat! It’s unusual to sew such hats for Kaye Wiggs dolls :)

      Yes, I found the pattern and will prepare it for publication ASAP.

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