Making jeans prototype for American Girl doll

Making jeans prototype for American Girl doll


Before reading the post, please, make sure that you clearly understand the difference between a prototype to check a basic sloper and a finished garment :)

I’ve promised to show my experiment with automatic pattern drawing and resizing the pattern to fit American Girl doll.

When Pixie Fairy had Freebie Fridays, I think, everybody got the jeans pattern from Liberty Jane. Once I even tried it, but wasn’t happy with the result. Because I didn’t remember what was wrong, I decided to check it again.
1st-prototype-front 1st-prototype-back

Not really my cup of tea.

I’m about to sew classic jeans with a waist on a waistline, right back pockets on their places (nor higher, nor lower, nor turned round). I’d chosen Levi’s classic jeans to follow.

As I told before, I’m sewing for my sons. During many years I tried different pattern drawing systems, and chose one that allows me to get perfectly fit basic slopers for them. But I’m lazy to draw and redraw the patterns by hand, so I just created a program for my own personal use that draws patterns for me, I only need to type in my sons’ measurements. This also excludes all possible mistakes during calculating and drawing processes.

Believe me, I’m familiar with programs that fashion brands use in their process, but their prices are not reasonable for me. Especially, when I’m not a clothes manufacturer :)

So after trying again LJ jeans pattern, I got an idea to draw a pattern for the doll using my program. I measured the doll, multiplied her measurements on a constant to get “human” measurements. Then I created the pattern, resized it, printed out, cut out the pattern details from fabric and sewed. Could you imagine how long it took? About 15 minutes!

That’s why I was so impressed with the result (and even published it on IG).
2nd-prototype-front 2nd-prototype-back

Yes, the pattern needs to be adjusted, but anyway, the fitting is great! I like that the waist is on the actual waist, the hips are also on their place. And I really like how the prototype back looks.

Then I made the adjustments.
3rd-prototype-front 3rd-prototype-back

At this stage I asked my fashion experts how to wear jeans with converse. They showed me the right jeans length. I also removed “ears” on the hips, increased jeans yoke fitting at the back and so on. Now I completed the pattern and ready to sew the real jeans by all rules. I only need a little time…

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