Testing a new pattern for Iplehouse Jessica

A new dress for Iplehouse Jessica. Making and testing a pattern


My Iplehouse Jessica has a large breast. Sewing for her is a really challenge each time! But she also wishes to have new dresses as other ladies ;)

Making a dress pattern

I decided to wrap Jessica with a cling wrap, then with masking tape to make a dress pattern. After I wrapped her I used a pencil to draw pattern lines on the wrapping. Then I carefully cut the wrapping along the central back and the central front lines and took it off. After that I cut the wrapping using the pattern lines. Next I transferred the pattern onto A4 sheet of paper, draw a square with 2 cm edges and scanned the pattern because I prefer electronic patterns.

When I converted this paper pattern to electronic view I could easily check all pattern lines. Are the dress details “dock” correctly to each other? Are the details edges have the same length for easy connection and sewing?

Also I could make marks on details on this step. These marks help me to sew faster later.

Next step is to think of sewing technology and to add seam allowances relying on this technology. After that I could print my pattern out.

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Usually it’s enough to me to check only electronic pattern. But Jessica has such impressive bust that I didn’t dare to sew the dress without testing the pattern once more.

Testing the pattern

I traced the dress pattern details to a cotton fabric and cut them out.

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It’s not clearly visible on the photo above but I also traced all marks I made before on the pattern.

My doll won’t wear this test dress so I used a basting stitch for sewing. Here is a result:

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This test dress helped me to see that the pattern needs some adjustments. I’ve already amended the electronic pattern and even printed the new pattern out. Using this amended pattern I can sew the dress without trying it on Jessica during a sewing process. I hope I’ll have time to start and finish the dress.

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