3rd attempt to make shoes pads for American Girl doll

Pads for shoes for American Girl dolls


Those who follows me on Instagram know that I embroider and sew very special dresses for my American Girl dolls. But the special dresses require special shoes :)

I made shoe pads for AG dolls long time ago, and I used them when made high lace-up boots for Lea Clark. But they are perfect for boots but useless for sandals for example because I made them slightly bigger than real doll’s foot.

Because I’ve already had an experience I didn’t hesitate to make another pads! I had black silicon to make new silicon molds from dolls’ legs.

But I didn’t have enough gypsum so I visited a craft store. There were no small packages of gypsum, and to be honest – of any gypsum, so I bought 1kg package of ceramix. At that moment I thought that I need very small amount of ceramix but had to buy whole package! Waste of money!

But when I made ceramix mix and poured into the silicon molds I discovered that it’s leaking :( My silicon molds had holes :(

I visited DIY shop and bought white silicon for wet areas. I didn’t see any trick at that moment. I covered my black silicon molds with the white silicon, and the problem with the holes was solved.

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But I wasn’t happy with pads! Look at them:

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The shoe pads at the left are the first pads I made from ceramix. They have irregularities because ceramix leaked under the silicon mold.

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The shoe pads at the right are the second pads after I fixed the holes in the molds. They are better that the first ones but I used a cling wrap to protect the doll’s legs and it’s folds visible on the shoe pads. Sure I can use a sand paper to remove these folds and make the pads cleaner and smoother. But I decided to make one more silicon mold paying attention to that fact that I still had white silicon for wet areas.

I covered the doll’s legs with sunflower oil and applied the silicon. I was glad to see how smooth are the silicon molds!

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But… Oops!

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If you’re going to use silicon in a kitchen or a bathroom, I have to say that this white silicon for wet areas work very well! Extremely well!

When I tried to remove these silicon molds from the doll’s legs my efforts failed! I had to rend the molds off the legs leaving silicon on the legs! Fortunately I have magic sponge that helped me to remove silicon remnants from the legs. I took the picture above only after I found that silicon can be cleaned. I don’t want you feel the same horror as I felt :)

Here are the new silicon molds:

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I poured ceramix into them and got pads. They are not perfect but much better then I had before. I even can see toes! I’m about to make them smooth with the sand paper.

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P.S. I used the whole 1kg ceramix package for my experiments with shoe pads ;)

2 thoughts on “Pads for shoes for American Girl dolls

  • These aren’t bad at all are they! I’m glad you managed to get the silicone off your dolls legs though, I can imagine just how you felt when you saw those!
    I look forward to seeing what you make next.

    • Thank you, Sharon!

      That’s why I took pictures only I got the silicon mold off the legs :) To be honest at that moment I thought only what to do because I live far away from AG doll hospital :)

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