Roombox construction. Part 2

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Last time I wrote that probably I should make the ceiling to fix the walls better together. So this part of construction work I started with the ceiling.

I didn’t specify the size of roombox before. I used 60 cm * 45 cm plywood for the subfloor and the rear wall and 45 cm * 30 cm plywood for the side walls. I bought 60cm * 15 cm plywood for the ceiling. I chose this size because I do not need solid ceiling, I wish to have sunlight 🙂 in my roombox, and I need the ceiling only to secure the walls together.

The ceiling

I repeated all operations I did before with the subfloor. I sawed off the slats, glued them to get the grooves similar on the subfloor.



You can see that it really fixes the walls.


On the nearest photos you can see how the grooves work. Thanks to them, I can easily assemble or disassemble the roombox. And look how little space the roombox occupies when disassembled!


Starting roombox decoration works

After the base of the roombox was finished, I glued the ice cream sticks at the bottom of the walls.


I bought a plinth for a dollhouse in a craft store. It looks like a real! And this is the first fitting as it will look in my roombox. I think it’s perfect 🙂

To be continued…

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