Embroidered jeans for KW MSD

WIP: Round 28 on DoA: Recycle


I’ve joined to a new game on DOA. In this round that called “Recycle” necessary to use used clothes for sewing.


I decided to use old school uniforms to sew jeans and an old light blue shirt for a smaller shirts :)

01 02


I already sewed jeans for Kaye Wiggs Laryssa using Magalie pattern. But I was not happy with their fitting on waist so I’m going to change this pattern and sew test jeans before I’ll cut out the uniform.

test-jeans-front test-jeans-back

After I tested the pattern and amended it I cut off jeans’ details from old school uniform.

jeans-cut01 jeans-cut02 jeans

Next I sewed the front seam, basted and sewed the hem.


Then I sewed belt loops using a double needle, attached them and a waistband, and then topstitched the waistband.

belt-loops.jpg belt.jpg belt02.jpg belt03.jpg belt-decorative-seam.jpg

The time had come to sew the belt loops and to make a buttonhole.

belt-loops02.jpg codpiece.jpg

The last inner seam, buttons and jeans finished!

inner-seam01.jpg inner-seam02.jpg jeans-finished.jpg

My Miki wears one pair.

jeans-front.jpg jeans-back.jpg

Embroidered jeans

I found beautiful henna paintings on internet and was inspired by them for jeans’ embroidery. So I created an embroidery file, embroidered it, check and amended. After few times of amendment I was happy with the embroidery result and embroidered jeans for my Kaye wiggs Miki in dark tan.
Kaye-Wiggs-MSD-girls-jeans-embroidery-01.jpg Kaye-Wiggs-MSD-girls-jeans-embroidery-02.jpg Kaye-Wiggs-MSD-girls-jeans-embroidery-03.jpg

Finished jeans

Kaye-Wiggs-MSD-embroidered-jeans-01.jpg Kaye-Wiggs-MSD-embroidered-jeans-02.jpg Kaye-Wiggs-MSD-embroidered-jeans-03.jpg


First at all I used an interfacing fabric for collars and cuffs. Then I put details right sides together and sewed them.
01.jpg 02.jpg

Along with stitching the collars and the cuffs, I made a pintuck at the back and then attached a yoke.


After that I turned the cuffs inside out and sewed them to sleeves.


Next step was to sew shirt’s front details to the back, turn the collards inside out and baste them, then make buttonholes on the cuffs.


I drew a neckline on the shirt and used it when attached the collar.

06.jpg 07.jpg

After sewing the collar it was very convenient to make buttonholes on the shirt. And then attach the sleeves.

08.jpg 09.jpg

Next I sewed side seams, finished the hem, sewed buttons, washed and ironed the shirts. They are ready to wear!

10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg

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