WIP: Steampunk dress, underskirt and corset

I’ve joined to the new game!

A theme of the game is Steampunk. I wished to sew a dress in this style for a long time. So after some hesitation about will I have time for sewing I’ve joined eventually.

The dress

The first step of the game was to collect textile, ribbons, buttons, snaps and etc that I will use for sewing. And it was necessary to take a picture of all these. I found a textile I bought long time ago especially for the steampunk dress. It’s black and white on the picture below. I found a piece of leather I’ll use for a corset. Also I’ll use a black silk for the corset. I’ll use a white cotton textile with a narrow white lace for an underskirt.

The second step was to make my own patterns for the dress, the corset and for tights. After making the patterns I checked them by sewing a test dress. Here is my first dress testing:

I did a mistake. Again. Because I always do it and always forget about :( I forgot that doll’s hand needs more space to get in. So it’s necessary to make cuffs wider a little.

I changed the pattern. The doll’s hand can get into but I lost the sleeve length :(
Here is my second attempt in test dress.

Ok, I changed the pattern again. I decided that I wont do any mistakes and cut off details from black and white textile. I was so fascinated while sewing that forgot to take pictures. I took them only I ironed the dress.

My Taisia is wearing almost finished dress.

I have to sew a hem and buttons yet. But it seems to me that Taisia looks gratefully on me in her new dress. I haven’t sewn for her for really long time!

The corset

I sewed it from pure silk. During the process I discovered that I don’t see black on black :( So I had to baste the seams using white thread to see them.

Ok, done. I’ve already sewed leather details:

Almost sewed corset. I have to put eyelets only.

The underskirt

I failed again in choosing right fabric. Apparently, there is a polyester in the fabric I’ve chosen for the underskirt. It crumbled while I tried to frill it.
Ok, the underskirt almost done, I only checked both converge seams.

I sewed the top of the underskirt by lining, then sewed the back seam, baste hem and sewed lace.

Ok, it’s done.

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