WIP: Steampunk hat


The last I’d to sew for the game was a hat.
1. I cut off the hat details from a fusible interfacing and ironed them to a silk.

2. Then I sewed side seams on the side crown. Also I basted seams allowance on the top crown.

3. I basted the top crown and the side crown together.

4. Next I basted seam line that I would use to sew the side crown and the brim together.

5. I cut off a piece of silk, put it face to face with the brim’s detail and sewed together on the outer edge.

6. Then I sewed a wire close to the outer edges’ seam.

7. I cut away seams allowances near the outer edge, made notches, cut off a circle inside the detail.

8. I turned the brim right side out, basted the edges and the future seam with the side crown.

9. I pinned the side crown and the brim face to face.

10. I used very tiny stitches to attach them together. Then I decorated the hat. Voila!

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