American Girl dolls: where to make a waist?

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– What is the question? – you may reply. – If you’re sewing an Empire dress, make it higher. If you’re about to sew a 1920s’ dress, it would be low.

Yes, that’s right. But what if I’m going to sew the 1940s’ dress with its underlined waist?

– Heh, make it on the actual waist!

Yes, this is also the right answer. But where is the actual waist on a doll?

I’m sewing for my sons. I tie an elastic around their waist and ask them to do some exercises (slopes, squats, etc.). And the elastic in this case takes its place on the actual waist.

I also tie the elastic around the doll body, but I don’t even stutter about exercises. Thus the elastic stays where I tied it.

Why I have such a question?

Recently I showed the result of one experiment with an automatic pattern drawing and then resizing the pattern to fit the American Girl doll on my IG (I’ll post about this later). I was surprised with the replies. People would like to see the waistline a little lower than the actual waistline. But, as for me, the low waistline is old fashioned now days, and I would like to sew a pair of jeans, if we talk about my experiment, with the normal waistline, back pockets on their places, right front pockets, etc.

I decided to check the American Girl doll proportions. For this purpose I used a photo of the doll in a jeans prototype only. I measured the length of its face and then checked how many times this segment fits the doll body length.

It fits exactly 5 times!

American Girl doll proportions
Child proportions

But this is the proportions of 3-6 y.o child! Pay attention where is the waist have to be (shown with a red line, and where people would like to see it).

American Girl dolls are not children, they are almost teens. Nanea is 9 yo, Caroline is 10, and Lea is 12 yo. So their proportions have to be 1 head fits 6,5 times the body length.

Ok, done. I divided the doll’s body in 6,5 times.

American Girl doll proportions
Adult proportions

Pay attention where is the waistline in this case, also shown with the red line.

I also made a virtual fitting:

American Girl doll virtual fitting
Virtual fitting

Right now I do understand why people would like to see the waistline lower and why I personally prefer the higher waistline on dresses. The high waistline makes the dolls look as teens for me, not toddlers.

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