WIP: Dolce Gabbana Spring-Summer 2017 dress

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As known people can watch forever for 3 things: running water, fire burning and how other people work. I like to spy myself because sometimes I can catch some awesome tricks in sewing process.

A lot of people asked me to show sewing process of recent Dolce-Gabbana embroidered dress from Spring-Summer 2017 collection. Lucky me I took pictures during the process.

Ok, let’s start!


I found a lot of pictures of the dress front, but was enable to find any with back view. Because I sewed another dress from Dolce Gabbana Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection before, similar in cut, so I decided to use the same pattern for the dress.

Dolce-Gabbana dress pattern

Embroidery design

It looks like original dress has red lace details, cut and sewed to the dress. I understood that it would be hard to find similar lace in doll scale at first, and I’m too lazy to cut details from the lace (if I find it) and sew to the dress in a proper order. So for me to create an embroidery design was the simplest way to have the dress 🙂

embroidery design

Machine embroidery

Instead of thousand words…

Hand embroidery and sewing

After my embroidery machine had finished its work, the time to decorate the dress with beads and sequins started for me.

Hand embroidery process
Hand embroidery process
Hand embroidery process

When I decorated the dress front and back, I cut out the details and sewed side seams.

Sewing embellished dress details

The next step was to sew a golden narrow ribbon to the dress and embellish it with beads.

Hand embroidery process

I made a ring with pompoms and then sewed the ring to the dress decorating the ring’s center with a sequin. After the dress was decorated with pompoms, I sewed it. Unfortunately I didn’t take the pictures of this process but after the process above, believe me, it was not so hard 🙂

I also made tassels (even twice) and sewed them to the finished dress.

Voilà! Lea has the new pretty dress!

Lea Clark in Dolce-Gabbana embroidered dress from Spring-Summer 2017 collection

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