WIP: Project Runway on DoA “Welcome to Camelot”


I joined a new game on DoA “Welcome to Camelot”. By the rules I had to create a personality and to sew one full medieval outfit represented this personality.
I chose the end of 13th century, so I had to sew a cotta, a surcoat and a cloak.


I didn’t make a historical reconstruction but I was pleased to sew the cotta as it was usually sewn in 13th century, by hand :) Here are front and side gores.
Gore Gores

Hand-made buttonholes.


I also wove a macrame belt.


I saw on an old picture how peasants folded their skirts near a hem and pinned then. Thus they got something like pockets. I decided that my Iplehouse Jessica would have ones.


My Jessica in the finished cotta.



Before sewing the surcoat I had to make hand embroidery on it.
Embroidery on surcoat Surcoat hem

I sewed the surcoat by hand as well. The surcoat has white lining to prevent stains on the doll. I made eyelets also by hand and wove a cord using sewing thread.


I bought wonderful mushroom buttons in a bronze colour for the cotta but had forgotten that buttonholes to mushroom buttons need extra length :( I had to use bronze beads instead of those buttons. But anyway beads look wonderful and work great!



Cloack fastening

Final photoshoot of my personality you can find here.

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